Wine: Lammershoek “LAM” White Blend

This South African white blend of Chenin Blanc and Viognier is from the Swartland region on the West Coast near the Atlantic. South Africa is one of the wine countries I know the least about, but I’ve been finding some great values from there recently.  I believe this was around $15.  I found it at The Natural Wine Company in Brooklyn.

This white blend is a beautiful golden color. It was both unfined and unfiltered (therefore, vegan) yet crystal clear.


I smelled citrus and stonefruit on the nose. There was just a bit of sweetness in it. I loved sipping it alone on a hot spring day, but with its medium acid, it should do well with food.

Chenin Blanc is, of course, most well known as a French wine.  There it is produced in many styles, from dry to sweet. It is widely grown in South Africa, often for cheap white wines and is sometimes called “Steen.” Despite the hot climate, these wines can often have medium to high acidity, something I definitely tasted in the LAM.   It is often blended with other while grapes and when blended with Viognier, as here, it is to produce a richer wine with a bit of sweetness.

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