Wine: Chasselas Dore


A warm July evening seemed like the perfect opportunity to try this 2015 Chasselas Doré from Eyrie Vineyards that we have been holding on to.  This is not a grape that I had every heard of before visiting the winery in Oregon.  Chasselas is a native Swiss grape, also grown in France and Germany, and known as Chasselas Doré in the US and Australia. Wikipedia lists about a hundred synonyms for Chasselas.  Trying an obscure grape was also a welcome reprieve from all the tasting of traditional varietals I’ve been doing as part of my WSET studies.

The bottle described this as a “Gossamer-weight, ethereal white wine.” It was a very pale gold color,  with notes of lemon, lychee, and grapefruit.  I expected a bit of sweetness but it was light and fresh with tastes of lemon and minerality.  At under 10 percent, the alcohol level is one of the lowest I’ve seen in a dry wine. Ethereal was a perfect descriptor, with its short finish and low alcohol content, this wine didn’t last very long.  Perfect on a warm evening.


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