Wine: Syltbar Prosecco

Apparently, Prosecco is one of the hottest trends in wine right now.  We tend to avoid it because my husband Paul does not enjoy it.  He complains that it’s a bit sweet and he prefers sparkling wines made in the traditional method, like Champagne and Cava, with their distinctive toasty and bready flavors. For less expensive options, we have enjoyed Cremants from Alsace and the Jura. Prosecco usually has higher levels of residual sugars than these other sparkling wines, even when described as Dry.

So imagine my surprise when Paul came running to me with his usual enthusiasm in Binny’s Beverage Depot with a bottle of Prosecco he had to have. He said it wasn’t sweet and “she said it’s vegan.” So, we went to the “Champagne Vault” and I tried it.


My WSET Level 3 exam was in a classroom in the upstairs of this Binny’s in Chicago.  Much larger than anywhere I shop for wine in DC, we could have spent the afternoon here just enjoying samples.


The representative explained that Syltbar is a premium Prosecco that is lower in sugar and calories than other brands and has received accolades from a diabetes institute for being the lowest sugar sparkling wine. I’m not usually interested in “diet” drinks of any kind, but that’s not primarily what the producers of Syltbar were trying to create.  They felt that the sparkling wines they found in the US were “too sweet, too heavy, and not refreshing”  and sought to create a more natural alternative.   This wine has no added sugar, colors, or sulfites and is vegan.


IMG_6804 (1)
No need for OJ.


This was definitely a light and refreshing sparkling wine.  We tasted their sparkling rose, made from Merlot, but decided to go with the traditional Prosecco for our brunch the next day. We enjoyed it so much that we only put a little of it in mimosas, enjoying most of it on its own.  I’d definitely recommend it for a brunch or picnic before the summer ends.   

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