Well, I’ve been away from this blog for quite some time.  Since I’ve last posted I moved from Washington, DC to Philadelphia, where the vegan food scene is magic but the wine scene can be disappointing.  I traveled to Portugal and England, started a new job, and sold my house.  In addition to the hiatus from this blog, I’m taking one from teaching yoga but miss my yoga and wine events (and the lovely people who attended) often. I had a recipe published in a vegan cookbook and am looking for somewhere to continue my wine studies.  So, if you have any recommendations in the Philly/NJ/NYC area, please let me know.

Yesterday, someone who I’ve admired forever and first met in my restaurant days (18 years ago!) told me I should write a book about food and wine and even gave me my title.  That inspired me to come back here.  Here are some pictures of what I’ve been up to, including some fabulous meals in Philly and New York. I hope to write more and hope you haven’t forgotten about me…

The Old Pharmacy Wine Bar in Lisbon-Touriga Nacional, olives & bread and I’m in heavenCarrot Lox on a bagel and Great Sage in Maryland, amazing and one of my last brunches in the DC area.One of several courses at New Years Eve dinner at Vedge Restaurant in Philly.Yes, that’s a vegan cheesesteak sandwich at Blackbird, you can’t call yourself a #phillyvegan until you’ve been there.  Pilgrimage to NYC to check out Isa’s restaurant.

and brunch, of course.

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