2017 Muscat from Old Westminster


Old Westminster never disappoints. Their 2017 Muscat was the perfect pairing with a warm summer evening.  

Muscat is possibly the oldest grape variety and tends to be known for sweet still wines and sparkling Italian Muscato Asti. There are a number of varieties of the grape; all are aromatic and floral.  Sticky sweet muscato turned me off of the grape for some time but it’s definitely worth exploring in other styles.  As Karen MacNeil described in the Wine Bible,  “If every luscious, ripe fruit in the world were compressed into one phantasmagoric flavor, it would come close to evoking muscat.” It was almost that good . . .

Old Westminster Maryland version had bright acidity with lychee and other citrus notes on the nose. It was incredibly floral with tastes of pear and orange zest, the husband tasted lemongrass. We enjoyed it with a mildly spicy Asian stir fry and although this is not a sweet wine, the fruitiness worked well with the flavors in the food.


This was grown in Turkey Point Vineyard, fermented with native yeast in stainless steel and unfiltered. Old Westminster also makes a sparkling muscat Pet-Nat, which I enjoyed with friends at one of their picnic tables a few months ago.  The still wine brought out more of the aromatics and floral notes than I recall in the sparking but both were a treat.

IMG_9865 (1)
Old Westminster on beautiful summer day

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