Welcome. At Hummus and the House Red, I explore vegan food and wine. Finding the perfect pairing is a wonderful experience and those of us who avoid animal products should not be left out of all the fun.  I am currently completing the Wine and Spirit Education Trust’s Level 3 (advance) course and am a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach.

Not that long ago, in a city like DC the only vegan food option on many bar menus was hummus. Hummus is great, of course, and eventually, I hope to share recipes on this blog.   Before I began to study and explore wine, I would often order “hummus and the house red” at bars around town.  A hotel bar downtown provided me with my first experience of the magic that can happen when you find a food and wine pairing that works for you. That red was a cheap Pinot Noir from California and that hummus recipe has been scrapped.  My tastes have changed since those days but the magic in that pairing is what I seek every time I try to figure out what to drink with what I’m having for dinner. Fortunately, vegan options in restaurants are becoming more plentiful and wine lists are becoming more interesting.   

My dream is to open a vegan wine bar, focusing on organic and natural wines.  This blog is part of my education. It includes my experiments with food and wine pairings and my exploration of the increasingly popular world of “natural wine” (which unsurprisingly provides more options when seeking out vegan wine).  

I’ve been vegan since 2009. I also teach yoga and have a day job. I live with my husband and a couple of cats (but not the one pictured here, she lives at a winery in the Dry Creek Valley).